• Motion

    Motion I wanted to do some super cool stuff with motion. August was an INSANE & INTENSE month. It was definitely

    Day 87 | Mommy & Daughter

    Day 87 | Mommy & Daughter Today my cute little baby girl went on a date together. We went to the Japanese famous

    Day 86 | Faces

    Day 86 | Faces Today was spent getting all tanned up and my nails done. Typhoon Goni ruined my getting lashes done. A

    Day 85 | Typhoon Goni

    Day 85 | Typhoon Goni Today typhoon Goni is well upon us. It is raining and a little windy. Nothing more than any other

    Day 84 | Shoes

    Day 84 | Shoes Today we headed to the store on a mission to get me a new laptop so I could be more mobile and work from

    Day 83 | Maternity Boudoir

    Day 83 | Maternity Boudoir I met this beautiful lady last Thanksgiving. She worked with my husband and he had invited a

    Day 82 | My Boys

    Day 82 | My Boys My boys are sweet,cuddly and handsome. I love how different they each are. They all are silly and

    Day 81 | My Girl

    Day 81 | My Girl My girl is beautiful. She is opinionated. She is breathtaking.  My girl is loud and obnoxious. My girl

    Day 80| Hanging A Baby

    No, not hanging a baby!!!  I mean we did hang this cute handsome boy in a sling. He was so cute and so good for this


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