Black and White, there is so much to say, yet so little to say about it. Its one of my favorite things to think of when taking a photograph. I will sometimes intentionally shoot knowing I want it black and white. Black and white images evoke so much emotion. So much depth. Its wonderful for storytelling. It makes my photographer senses tingle. I am in love with these I have taken over the month. Professional work and my perfectly imperfect life at home. Its been a rough month at home. The kids are back in school and they have been fighting me tooth and nail to get their homework done, fighting and being naughty. Even though we struggle with that, I love each minute with them. I have been so blessed to work with such amazing people this month. Some absolutely beautiful ladies, some adorable babies and handsome couples. I’d say I have a pretty amazing life.

Join me in our blog circle of black and white by visiting Alica a North Carolina Wedding Photographer

xoxo Kristi

  • Alicia Quintanar - I LOVE LOVE your conversions! Great work :)

  • Lauren Nygard - These are all stunning, but I love the two, fun boys who are sharing a large t-shirt! How cute!!

  • Kristina Ingersoll - Perfect.

  • nicole gulick - your black & white images are seriously magical! love the depth and contrast and the feelings they evoke! so gorgeous!

  • Shannon santana - You have always been, and always will be my favorite photographer. Not only is it because you are my best friend, but because you are so incredibly talented and passionate with your work! You have an eye that many do not. An eye that can capture an image before it’s even taken. Amazing, as always!! And don’t you know it is absolutely necessary to do homework with water wings?? She kills me!

  • Kristi James - I love you!! I miss you! I want my friend here with me in Okinawa. And Kayli.. well she’s interesting ha ha And she was mad at me.

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We are so excited to be back on this beautiful island called Okinawa. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! On Sunday the family went out for breakfast at Café Gusto. Unfortunately I forgot my camera going in there, so no photos of our yummy food! We then decided to go drive to the other islands. We went though Hamagachi Island and passed another to Ikei Island. They are all beautiful tiny islands with the most beautiful water you’ll ever see! I couldn’t get over how beautiful it was. It was more beautiful than I remember. We reached the end of Ikei Island and saw a sign for Nakabaru Ruins and decided to take a look. It was pretty cool little ruins of old little huts I believe they lived in. The kids really thought that was neat. And in true Japanese fashion we stopped right on the bridge on our way out to take some photos of the gorgeous water. On our way back home,we stopped at the Nuchi Masu Co. Salt Factory to hike above and look out over the islands. We didn’t go into the salt factory because my husband wasn’t feeling up to it. It was a small little hike up some stairs to this breathtaking view. We stayed up there for a while and took it all in. It was pretty windy and the kids thought it was super fun to act like they were flying or on the Titanic or something. My only regret is not getting the whole family in the photos! Next time…

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0253.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0254.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0255.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0256.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0257.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0258.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0259.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0260.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0261.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0262.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0263.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0264.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0265.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0266.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0267.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0268.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0269.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0270.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0271.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0272.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0273.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0274.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0275.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0276.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0277.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0278.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0279.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0280.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0281.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0282.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0283.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0284.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0285.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0286.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0287.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0288.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0289.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0290.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0291.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0292.jpg

Okinawa Childrens Photographer_0293.jpg

xoxo Kristi

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