Utsukushī kazoku means beautiful family in Japanese. 美しい家族 That is exactly what this family is… beautiful. They are so sweet and I enjoyed every minute of our session together. I think they enjoyed themselves too. We had a gorgeous sunset session in true Okinawan style with sugar cane fields and beaches. Most of the island you will see this setting.
I wasn’t super keen on the idea of coming back to Okinawa. I had many other plans in my head and dreams. The last year I had time to prepare myself for island living again. I can honestly say I am so happy we came back. It is a gorgeous island with so much culture. So much love, peace and relaxation. I feel refreshed here and rejuvenated. This family helped me feel that way with my photography again. Alive and ready to come back with a bang! I felt my creativity coming back out and I loved it!

Okinawa Family Photographer_0402.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0403.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0404.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0405.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0406.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0407.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0408.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0409.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0410.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0411.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0412.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0413.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0414.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0415.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0416.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0417.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0418.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0419.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0420.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0421.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0422.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0423.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0424.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0425.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0426.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0427.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0428.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0429.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0430.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0432.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0431.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0433.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0434.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0435.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0436.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0437.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0438.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0439.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0440.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0441.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0442.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0443.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0444.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0445.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0446.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0447.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0449.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0450.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0448.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0451.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0452.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0453.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0454.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0455.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0456.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0457.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0458.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0459.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0460.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0461.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0470.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0462.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0463.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0465.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0466.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0464.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0468.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0469.jpg

Okinawa Family Photographer_0467.jpg

xoxo Kristi

  • Jenny - wow! beautiful family, beautiful location!!

  • Kristi James - Thank you so much.

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Black and White, there is so much to say, yet so little to say about it. Its one of my favorite things to think of when taking a photograph. I will sometimes intentionally shoot knowing I want it black and white. Black and white images evoke so much emotion. So much depth. Its wonderful for storytelling. It makes my photographer senses tingle. I am in love with these I have taken over the month. Professional work and my perfectly imperfect life at home. Its been a rough month at home. The kids are back in school and they have been fighting me tooth and nail to get their homework done, fighting and being naughty. Even though we struggle with that, I love each minute with them. I have been so blessed to work with such amazing people this month. Some absolutely beautiful ladies, some adorable babies and handsome couples. I’d say I have a pretty amazing life.

Join me in our blog circle of black and white by visiting Alica a North Carolina Wedding Photographer

xoxo Kristi

  • Alicia Quintanar - I LOVE LOVE your conversions! Great work :)

  • Lauren Nygard - These are all stunning, but I love the two, fun boys who are sharing a large t-shirt! How cute!!

  • Kristina Ingersoll - Perfect.

  • nicole gulick - your black & white images are seriously magical! love the depth and contrast and the feelings they evoke! so gorgeous!

  • Shannon santana - You have always been, and always will be my favorite photographer. Not only is it because you are my best friend, but because you are so incredibly talented and passionate with your work! You have an eye that many do not. An eye that can capture an image before it’s even taken. Amazing, as always!! And don’t you know it is absolutely necessary to do homework with water wings?? She kills me!

  • Kristi James - I love you!! I miss you! I want my friend here with me in Okinawa. And Kayli.. well she’s interesting ha ha And she was mad at me.

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