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Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania Portrait Photographer young boy

Snow Day | Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania Portrait Photographer

Snow Day | Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania Portrait Photographer This holiday season our family had planned to go on

Okinawa Beach Family Photographer family on the beach

Okinawa Beach Family Photographer

Okinawa Beach Family Photographer Happy Thursday everyone.  I hope you are enjoying your week and that you are dreaming

loving on mama Okinawa Castle Photographer

Okinawa Castle Photographer – Torri & Gideon

Okinawa Castle Photographer I love being an Okinawa Castle Photographer, especially when I get adorable people on them

river okinawa photography locations

Okinawa Photography Locations – Kristi James

Okinawa Photography Locations Have you booked a photography session and then couldn’t decide on what Okinawa

father daughter photographer

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day I wanted to take the time to wish all the great fathers out there a Happy Fathers Day!! I know

family what to wear guide

What Should I Wear to my Photography Session?

What Should I Wear to my Photography Session? That is a fantastic question!! I know its my number one question when

okinawa photography studio

Okinawa Child Photographer | Last Day of School

Okinawa Child Photographer | Last Day of School This is the day that the children count down for most of the year. The

Okinawa Photographer – Kristi James

Who am I? Hello there! I am Okinawa photographer – Kristi James! I am the one behind the lens over here! I am

family photographer okinawa

Okinawa Photographer | The Twelve Most Frequently Asked Questions

Okinawa Photographer | Frequently Asked Questions I love this post for my 80 days of summer about frequently asked

slew pond film photographer

Why I Do Photography | Okinawa Photographer

Why I do photography Have you ever wondered why I do photography? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. Or maybe you

family photographer okinawa baby girl

What Do I Really Offer? | Okinawa Photographer

What type of photography do I really offer? You may think, well why is she telling me this. I already know what type of

family photography Katsuren Castle Okinawa

Eighty Days of Summer

Eighty days of summer is about to be upon us! Can you believe summer is already here in Okinawa? Eighty days of summer

The Art of Childhood | Okinawa Family Photographer

The Art of Childhood Wow it has been a while since I have blogged. It has literally been so busy around here that I

When did my kids grow up?

When did my kids grow up? I could have sworn yesterday they were my cute little toddlers. They were little and cute and

Cosmo Flowers

Cosmo Flowers | Day 8 Here in Okinawa the farmers plant massive fields of Cosmo Flowers. They are a maroon,pink,