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Day 32 | Red • White • Blue

Day 32 | Red • White • Blue Today I had big plans!  Big plans with red, white and blue! It involves children. Children

Day 28 | Green Eyes

Day 28 | Green Eyes Today was yet again a fairly lazy day. Sundays usually are anyway. I don’t mind lazy days. I

Day 27 | Fireworks

Day 27 | Rock The Block Wow, what an awesome day! Had such an amazing newborn session this morning! He was absolutely

Day 25 | Haircuts

Day 25 | Haircuts Yet again another lazy day yesterday. I really need to get out of this funk. I dislike funks really

Day 24 | Twirling Ice Cream

Day 24 | Twirling Ice Cream Today started VERY late! I didn’t get out of bed until noon!  😯 I know, what was I

Day 22 | Helpless

Day 22 | Helpless Yesterday I spent my day in bed. Not to relax, well kind of, but to get better. I felt completely

Day 21 | Older

Day 21 | Older I just wasn’t in the mood to get online for this post last night. I am bed ridden today, so its a

Day 19 | Pool Day

Day 19 | Pool Day Today we woke up late, like 11:00a.m. late. My daughter decided she wanted to make her own eggs for

Day 17 | Movie Night

Day 17 | Movie Night Oh what a beautiful day it was today! The sun was out, it was HOT and clear! I took a break from

Day 16 | Giggles

Day 16 | Giggles Today was another work day for me. Instead of doing the newborn session  I was supposed to do today, I

Day 15 | Today

Day 15 | Today Today was a long day, yet so short. I woke up late again and before I knew it, its 1:30a.m. Where did

Day 12 | Pretend

Day 12 | Pretend Oh today was a long day. Kids’ first full day home from school. We spent part of the afternoon

Day 11 | Summer

Day 11 | Summer That’s right summer is here! I am beyond excited that summer is here. The kids are out of school

Day 5 | Shadows

Day 5 | Shadows I apologize for getting this up late. Yesterday I was photographing a very special session. While I

Day 4 | Polaroid

Day 4 | Polaroid Today was a get caught up with laundry, editing and anything else that needed to be taken care of day.