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When did my kids grow up?

When did my kids grow up? I could have sworn yesterday they were my cute little toddlers. They were little and cute and


Sakura | Day 9 Today was finally a nice day. It wasn’t cold, wasn’t hot, just perfect temperature. The

Cosmo Flowers

Cosmo Flowers | Day 8 Here in Okinawa the farmers plant massive fields of Cosmo Flowers. They are a maroon,pink,

Self Portrait

Self Portrait | Day 7 It was long day of cleaning the house and getting laundry done. Laundry now consists of


Lacrosse| Day 6 Today marked the first game day of lacrosse season. It was a challenge to make sure all four kids were

Macro Details

Macro Details | Day 5 I’m sorry to bore  excite you with more  macro shots, but I am hooked. Same ol flower, but


MACRO | Day 4   I do macro photography fairly regularly. I do it an nearly every newborn session I do. I love to

Sweet Boy

Sweet Boy | Day 3 This sweet, sweet boy is a sunshine in my life. He is one of the sweetest boys I have ever met in my

Profile Portrait

Profile Portrait | Day 2 profile ˈprəʊfʌɪl/ noun 1. an outline of something, especially a person’s face,

LOOK at those muscles!!!

Muscles | Day 1 This child of mine. I know I’ve posted so much with him, but he is my muse. He still loves to get

backed over by a truck

Run Over By A Truck

He was run over by a truck. “Every year around 2,400 children are injured by vehicles. Back over accidents

Halloween 2015 | Okinawa

Halloween 2015 | Okinawa This year Halloween was on our minds for months. We all love Halloween. We love the fall


Motion I wanted to do some super cool stuff with motion. August was an INSANE & INTENSE month. It was definitely

Day 86 | Faces

Day 86 | Faces Today was spent getting all tanned up and my nails done. Typhoon Goni ruined my getting lashes done. A

Day 85 | Typhoon Goni

Day 85 | Typhoon Goni Today typhoon Goni is well upon us. It is raining and a little windy. Nothing more than any other