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Halloween 2015 | Okinawa

Halloween 2015 | Okinawa This year Halloween was on our minds for months. We all love Halloween. We love the fall


Motion I wanted to do some super cool stuff with motion. August was an INSANE & INTENSE month. It was definitely

Day 86 | Faces

Day 86 | Faces Today was spent getting all tanned up and my nails done. Typhoon Goni ruined my getting lashes done. A

Day 85 | Typhoon Goni

Day 85 | Typhoon Goni Today typhoon Goni is well upon us. It is raining and a little windy. Nothing more than any other

Day 83 | Maternity Boudoir

Day 83 | Maternity Boudoir I met this beautiful lady last Thanksgiving. She worked with my husband and he had invited a

Day 82 | My Boys

Day 82 | My Boys My boys are sweet,cuddly and handsome. I love how different they each are. They all are silly and

Day 79 | Camping

Day 79 | Camping The kids wanted to sleep out in the back yard. They wanted to sleep in the tent. They had just mowed

Day 75 | Senior Status

Day 75 | Senior Status Cameron here is headed into his senior year!! What  an exciting time in our lives. It’s

Day 63 | 2 Jerks Jamaican Restaurant

Day 63 | 2 Jerks Jamaican Restaurant This evening we joined Candace and her family for  linner. Yes you read that

Day 52 | Shisa Dog

Day 52 | Shisa Dog Today I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph and video at the Birth Education Center of

Day 50 | Strong

Day 50 | Strong As a military spouse we have lots of challenges in our every day. Our lives are not like any other. We

Day 41 | RAW

Day 41 | RAW So if you didn’t see my other post today it was about selfie’s.  Most people find their flaws

Day 32 | Red • White • Blue

Day 32 | Red • White • Blue Today I had big plans!  Big plans with red, white and blue! It involves children. Children

Love Yourself | Okinawa Photographer

Loving yourself is such a touchy subject. Most of us find at least one flaw to make us not like ourselves. Whether it

Day 5 | Beaufort Newborn and Family Photography

What a lazy day today was! I didn’t do anything. It felt nice, yet unfullfilling. I am so glad tomorrow we will