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Day 31 | Promotion

Day 31 | Promotion OH the rolling hills of Okinawa. So today I got to visit the Consulate in Naha to get a new

Day 30 | Form

Day 30 | Form I got a whole lot of nothing today. We did stuff, but I never felt inclined to grab my camera out. It was

Day 29 | Selfie

Day 29 | Selfie Today was pretty awesome! I slept in, but not too late. If I sleep in too late I stay tired all day.  I

Day 28 | Green Eyes

Day 28 | Green Eyes Today was yet again a fairly lazy day. Sundays usually are anyway. I don’t mind lazy days. I

Day 27 | Fireworks

Day 27 | Rock The Block Wow, what an awesome day! Had such an amazing newborn session this morning! He was absolutely

Day 26 | Gavin DeGraw

Day 26 | Gavin Degraw WOW! What an amazing concert Gavin Degraw put on for us here in Okinawa! Thank you MCCS Okinawa

Day 16 | Giggles

Day 16 | Giggles Today was another work day for me. Instead of doing the newborn session  I was supposed to do today, I

Day 15 | Today

Day 15 | Today Today was a long day, yet so short. I woke up late again and before I knew it, its 1:30a.m. Where did

Tiny Little Bits

I thought I wanted to do tiny little bits of newborns for this post, but instead decided to put a little culture in

Okinawa Family Photographer | Island Life

How can I be so blessed to be able to live on this beautiful island again. I got a second chance to enjoy the beauty

Okinawa Photographer | Post Vongfong Typhoon

Vongfong you took your time. It was way too much time. You have overstayed your welcome. You started coming on a Friday

Day 18 | Beaufort Newborn and Family Photographer

This first photo is the face of a 3 year old boy screaming and kicking to get his ears pierced! That was his sister

Day 16 | Beaufort Newborn Photographer

It was a busy day here! I was able to photograph this sweet couple the beginning of 2013 with their cute puppies and

Day 15 | Beaufort Newborn and Family Photographer

Oh hello, yep it’s late.. in the night… Don’t hate me, I was snuggling with my hubby before he went

Day 13 | Beaufort Newborn and Family Photographer

Fourwheeler Fun! That’s all I got… I’m tired. ready for beddy bye…. night night.. xoxo