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Okinawa Family Photographer | Island Life

How can I be so blessed to be able to live on this beautiful island again. I got a second chance to enjoy the beauty and peace on thisView full post »

Okinawa Photographer | Post Vongfong Typhoon

Vongfong you took your time. It was way too much time. You have overstayed your welcome. You started coming on a Friday and didn’tView full post »

Day 18 | Beaufort Newborn and Family Photographer

This first photo is the face of a 3 year old boy screaming and kicking to get his ears pierced! That was his sister that did get her earsView full post »

Day 16 | Beaufort Newborn Photographer

It was a busy day here! I was able to photograph this sweet couple the beginning of 2013 with their cute puppies and now I was able toView full post »

Day 15 | Beaufort Newborn and Family Photographer

Oh hello, yep it’s late.. in the night… Don’t hate me, I was snuggling with my hubby before he went out on the crucibleView full post »

Day 13 | Beaufort Newborn and Family Photographer

Fourwheeler Fun! That’s all I got… I’m tired. ready for beddy bye…. night night.. xoxo Kristi KristiView full post »

Day 12 | Beaufort Newborn and Family Photographer

Well I have decided it takes me till late in the night to get these up. It’s the only time I don’t have kids or a hubbyView full post »

Day 8 | Beaufort Newborn and Family Photographer

Long Day. Lots of Laundry. Lots of prep for our big move in the summer. Lots of stress. Just another day. Little Timmy as we call ourView full post »

Day 7 | Beaufort Newborn and Family Photogapher

I had all sorts of great ideas for today. My littlest running aorund in his batman cape.. that was so so cute. The mundane piles ofView full post »

Day 5 | Beaufort Newborn and Family Photography

What a lazy day today was! I didn’t do anything. It felt nice, yet unfullfilling. I am so glad tomorrow we will resume our normalView full post »

Day 4 | Beaufort Newborn and Family Photographer

This little monster took an early nap and well… now he’s going to play on his ipad while I drift off to dreamland… and itView full post »

Day 3 | Beaufort Newborn and Family Photographer

Today was my second child’s birthday! Eight years old! Where has the time gone? I remember the day he was born and the days afterView full post »