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Cities In Color | Yellow

Yellow I am in a Facebook group filled with some AMAZING photographers. Each month we vote on a color to photograph

Halloween 2015 | Okinawa

Halloween 2015 | Okinawa This year Halloween was on our minds for months. We all love Halloween. We love the fall

Shadows | Okinawa Family Photographer

.Shadows. This months theme for our monthly blog circle was an awesome one. Unfortunately I was so dang busy I


Motion I wanted to do some super cool stuff with motion. August was an INSANE & INTENSE month. It was definitely

Day 86 | Faces

Day 86 | Faces Today was spent getting all tanned up and my nails done. Typhoon Goni ruined my getting lashes done. A

Day 85 | Typhoon Goni

Day 85 | Typhoon Goni Today typhoon Goni is well upon us. It is raining and a little windy. Nothing more than any other

Day 84 | Shoes

Day 84 | Shoes Today we headed to the store on a mission to get me a new laptop so I could be more mobile and work from

Day 79 | Camping

Day 79 | Camping The kids wanted to sleep out in the back yard. They wanted to sleep in the tent. They had just mowed

Day 78 | Goldilocks

Day 78 | Goldilocks Little miss Goldilocks here, jumps at any chance to be in front of my camera. Each time I bring my

Day 76 | Sports

Day 76 | Sports Today was a very long, long, long day. I knew it would be a busy one and was fully prepared for it. We

Day 74 | Stunts

Day 74 | Stunts Honestly, not much to say as I’m behind on my postings and don’t remember what even

Day 72 | Its A Boy

Day 72 | Its A Boy It’s a boy!!!! This adorable couple is having a boy in the near future! I did their pregnancy

Day 71 | Eyes

Day 71 | Eyes Eyes are on you boys! Eyes are always on you kiddos.  My eyes are always on you children. Watching you be

Day 70 | Mixture

Day 70 | Mixture OH  today was just a regular Sunday. Or was it? Lets see… I started the day off with the cute

Day 69 | Baseball

Day 69 | Baseball Today was my oldest sons first baseball game ever! He’s never played before and he was pretty