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We’re Moving… Across The World

We’re Moving… Across The World That’s right, you read that right!! We’re Moving… Across

beach Adventures in Okinawa with my Mom

Adventures in Okinawa with my Mom!!

Adventures in Okinawa with my Mom Last week we had the pleasure to go on adventures in Okinawa with my mom! She came

Exploring okinawa shuri castle edition

Exploring Okinawa with Kristi James, photographer| Shuri Castle

Exploring Okinawa | Shuri Castle Today we went exploring Okinawa with my mom. She is here visiting from the states. We

outdoor okinawa child photographer

Kristi James -Photographer | Before & After

Kristi James -Photographer When you hire a photographer (Kristi James -Photographer), most of you expect they will edit

okinawa photography studio

Okinawa Child Photographer | Last Day of School

Okinawa Child Photographer | Last Day of School This is the day that the children count down for most of the year. The

family photography Katsuren Castle Okinawa

Eighty Days of Summer

Eighty days of summer is about to be upon us! Can you believe summer is already here in Okinawa? Eighty days of summer

The Art of Childhood | Okinawa Family Photographer

The Art of Childhood Wow it has been a while since I have blogged. It has literally been so busy around here that I

When did my kids grow up?

When did my kids grow up? I could have sworn yesterday they were my cute little toddlers. They were little and cute and


Sakura | Day 9 Today was finally a nice day. It wasn’t cold, wasn’t hot, just perfect temperature. The

Cosmo Flowers

Cosmo Flowers | Day 8 Here in Okinawa the farmers plant massive fields of Cosmo Flowers. They are a maroon,pink,

Self Portrait

Self Portrait | Day 7 It was long day of cleaning the house and getting laundry done. Laundry now consists of


Lacrosse| Day 6 Today marked the first game day of lacrosse season. It was a challenge to make sure all four kids were

Macro Details

Macro Details | Day 5 I’m sorry to bore  excite you with more  macro shots, but I am hooked. Same ol flower, but


MACRO | Day 4   I do macro photography fairly regularly. I do it an nearly every newborn session I do. I love to

Sweet Boy

Sweet Boy | Day 3 This sweet, sweet boy is a sunshine in my life. He is one of the sweetest boys I have ever met in my