NEPA Boudoir Photographer | My Why

NEPA Boudoir Photographer | My Why

I’ll be honest…. I was supposed to have written this post clear back in February. The lovely ladies I am in a photography blog circle with chose ” My Why” as our topic of the month. I was terrified. I was kind of sad. I’ll tell you why soon.

I am a NEPA boudoir photographer and I love, love, love photographing people in a vulnerable state. Photographing people has been my thing. Over the years my “why” has changed multiple times.  My “why” is completely opposite of what it is now. I started out my actual business because I wanted to have something for myself. I wanted to get out of the house and have something I enjoyed and had for ME. Something I could help financially support my growing family.

In the beginning….

I started photographing anyone that would hire me. I didn’t care if it was for a model portfolio, yes… my first paid shoot was for a modeling portfolio. I didn’t care if it was birthday party. Yes I did photograph a few parties. Slowly over time I learned what I loved photographing. I loved photographing families so much it hurt! They literally made me grin from ear to ear. I loved chasing the children around to get natural and happy playing shots. I connected and related with the young families because I had my own small growing family.

A few years in….

I still yearned to learn more about other types of genre’s. I was led into newborn photography. I fell in love immediately and worked with an amazing photographer(Anya) who had begun her newborn photography journey as well. I went to every shoot I could with her to learn and to prepare myself for when I returned back to the U.S. and specialize in newborn photography. Again… my “why” changed. I was going to have my own newborn and wanted to photograph all the newborns. I loved it. All their tiny little fingers, toes,faces and fragile bodies. I was having another of my own little ones and related with all the families that had newborns. That was my “why”.

I stuck with families and newborns for YEARS. I dabbled in boudoir here and there and liked it, but didn’t always relate to the women and their “why” and felt if I didn’t feel my heart was in it, then it wasn’t for me. I was at a time in my life that I didn’t relate with all things sex, sexy, vulnerable, confidence in my body and the beauty of a human body. I wasn’t there yet.


Fast forward many years and I have my children growing and they are not little anymore, they are not tiny babies or silly toddlers anymore. I don’t relate as much anymore with the small children or growing families quite as much anymore. That  doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE photographing them, because I do. It brings back all the memories of my own children at that age and that warms my heart. But this time in my life,  I relate with wanting to love my body and my sexy and my vulnerability. I relate with wanting to feel good about myself and being a NEPA boudoir photographer is what I connect with at this time in my life.

NEPA Boudoir Photographer

I love to see the light hit a body in just the right ways. When it feathers around a mans chest or a woman collar bone. It is beautiful and amazing and sings to my heart. I hear angels singing when I have them move in a way that is just beautiful for their body and the light hits it just perfectly. I love to see women and men so exited to see their photos and how beautiful and magnificent they really are. Their faces show it all.


When I say I was terrified that I had to write about “My Why”, its because I wasn’t quite sure I even had a why anymore. I wasn’t sure what my why was. I had to dig deep and thing about it because my reasoning of WHY I photograph what I do and why I do has changed tremendously over the years. I have grown and moved on and sometimes that is scary and sometimes we lose our way.  My “why” now consists of wanting to help provide for my family again as well as to let people know how beautiful they are and that other people see them differently than they see themselves and I want them to see how I see them. I want them to know how amazing they are.

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  • March 5, 2018 - 10:18 am

    Candace Castor - Hands down the BEST NEPA Boudoir photographer around! I love how personal and relate-able you are to EVERY client. While it seems more like a change in your why each time, I feel its really just an expansion of your why. As you’ve grown, your work has grown. Love these images!

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