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Men Can Do it Too

Yes you heard that right!! Men can do intimate portrait shoots too! I have been steering clear of calling it a boudoir session for both the ladies and the men. I don’t feel that is appropriate for the way  I shoot them. They are not some unclassy, porn like photos. I want to photograph men, women and couples in a vulnerable, loving, intimate way. I want you to be able to feel the emotions and the confidence and love from the photographs.

For a while now I have had this huge yearning to photograph men in a more vulnerable way. To photograph them in more than just a family or newborn portrait session. I find it hard to get men to open up and become vulnerable. I find they get scared or don’t feel confident enough. Another excuse I have heard, ” Oh no one would want to see this gross body”. Please, each man is sexy and beautiful and amazing in his own way. Just because YOU think you’re not worthy of being photographed, doesn’t mean that other people feel that way. More people than not would love to see you vulnerable and see you confident.


I think more people than we think hide the fact that they yearn to see naked bodies in a vulnerable way. Not in a raunchy way, but in a beautiful fine art nude and vulnerable way. I know  I was that way for so long. In my mind I felt it was taboo to want to photograph these beautiful creatures( men, I’m talking about beautiful men). I held that I felt that way for so long and from everyone.  Intimate portraits for men are more than just photographs. It opens it up for a new experience. To be portrayed in the way that you aren’t normally seen.

A few years back I had one of my husbands co-workers ask me to do some photos of him partially nude and nude. He had just gotten his body to where he wanted it and it was a goal he wanted photographed. He was coming to the end of a stage in his life and wanted that to be photographed. It wasn’t about being sexy(although he very much was), it wasn’t about wanting others to want him. It was about him and the way he felt about himself and what he had accomplished. I will forever be thankful to him for allowing me to photograph him. It really sparked that passion for me to photograph men.

Babetown Safehouse Workshop

A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure to attend a Babetown Safehouse Workshop! It was absolutely amazing! It was full of like minded individuals and insanely talented teachers!  The one class that REALLY hit home to me and lit my fire again was with Kevin Lowery. He taught about male intimate portraits. Kevin is a phenomenal photographer from Atlanta, GA. He works with so many men for intimate portraits. This man is straight up genius at what he does. I was taught so many new perspectives about how to photograph men. Kevin taught me a new why for photographing men in this manner.  Also how to  really open them up to become vulnerable with you. As you can see we had some really amazing models and an amazing location.

I hope that I can get more men in front of my camera and show them just how amazing they really are. It doesn’t matter the looks, you don’t have to have a cut body or hairless body to be beautiful and sexy. I don’t care if you are tall, short, larger, or skinnier. It doesn’t matter your color, association, gay, straight or whatever! YOU are very much worthy to be photographed!

**Model for this series is Eric Berey   Instagram – @eric_mitchell (** Go leave him some love!!*

*3 More Male Intimate Portrait Series to come!*

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  • October 26, 2017 - 10:29 am

    Catherine Holmes - These are soooo stunning!! I am in love with your black and whites. So much of a raw feel to them that has me drawn in. Also, the photos of Kevin are adorable. lol

  • October 26, 2017 - 8:27 pm

    Paulette - These are so gorgeous! You are very talented, I can not wait to see more on the blog!

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