Day 17 •• Okinawa Children's Photographer •• Photo-A-Day Challenge

So today was yet another exhausting day! Good news though, I will have a new vehicle on Thursday YAY!!!! So I have been thinking… I really am not a good blogger. I wanted to do this challenge so that I may relay my feelings through words and photos much better than I can. So far I think I have progressed a little bit, but not to where I have wanted to be. I don’t know why this is. Maybe it’s because I’m exhausted at the end of the day and can’t think to write something heart felt, maybe it’s because my mind just doesn’t KNOW how to relay those deep feelings, or maybe it’s because I don’t think of these inspiring words. I just don’t know. I do KNOW that right now I have a million goals and things I want to do and things I want to have changed once we move. I guess it’s like a fresh start, that I can try to accomplish all my goals. Is it sad that I LOVE moving every couple of years? When I was little I always dreamed of marrying a man in the military and moving all the time, little did I know that dream would come true. I wasn’t even looking for it, heck I was 16 years old when I met my husband. I guess it was meant to be that I married into the Marine Corps! My photo of the day is of my little(big) Keedle Bug! Our oldest son Jesse was 18 months old when Kayden came along and the only way he could say his name was “keedn”, so for some reason we all(all our family) started calling him keedn, then it changed to keedle as he started talking more. Now we just call him our Keedle bug! He was(is) such a cute, sweet hearted boy. My favorite age with all my children has been 2 so far. Once he grew out of that stage, I knew I was in for it. This child has so much energy it drives me nuts. He doesn’t ever stop, I’m lucky to get him into bed. He is at an age that he is pushing any and every limit I give him. He makes me so dang angry alot of the time. It amazes me how I can be so angry at him one moment and then the next he is a completely different little boy. He is wanting to share, and he is so caring and sweet. He misses his daddy dearly. I can’t wait till the day he can run to his daddy and give him a great big hug!! It’s coming soon and I’m sure will come sooner than I will be ready for. I say that because this pregnancy has FLOWN, I will have a baby in 3 weeks…that’s insane… not long after dear daddy will return from his tour of duty in a far off country. He will be home before we have time to bat an eye. Anyway this post has turned into a very long one 🙂 If your still with me thankyou for listening to my thoughts!!! Enjoy my “Keedle Bug” at bath time!

Please join my sister Jessica of Jessica Ann Photography and my friend Denise of Rising Sun Memories in their photo-a-day challenge as well! AND LEAVE US SOME LOVE!!! WE NEED IT 🙂

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  • September 29, 2010 - 1:34 am

    Elyse - He’s a doll 🙂 And I commend you and your family for being so willing and excited to move every couple of years! I would be terrified to dig up roots that often, but I can also see the draw — how exciting to get to share the world with your kids at such a young age! It’s all the more impressive that you manage to move your business around from place to place so successfully!

  • September 29, 2010 - 7:36 am

    Jessica - Awww!! My little Keedle Bug!!! I love this picture, he’s so dang cute! So, I know you have told me one million times, but when does “Daddy” come home?

  • October 3, 2010 - 3:36 pm

    Amy Schuff - Love this! So sharp & crisp, and my son loves goggles too 🙂

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